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Do you know Physical Vapor Deposition?

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Do you know Physical Vapor Deposition?

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) is used widely in each field.PVD is a process of depositing and characterizing functional material layers on a solid metal surface. The process is carried out under high vacuum conditions using a cathodic arc sources, the gas is introduced into a vacuum chamber which is ionized into a plasma that contained energetic ions which have enough energy to physically dislodge solid particles of a sputtering target material and accelerate these particles towards a substrate. 

PVD process: 

The parts to be coated are first cleaned. The cleaning process varies depending on the level of quality from the electroplater, sputtering target material and geometry.

(1).the sputtering target material to be deposited is converted into vapor by physical deposition means.

(2).the vapor is transported across a region of low pressure from its target source to the substrate.

(3).the vapor undergoes condensation on the substrate to form the sputtering thin film.

PVD coating are thin films, typically only a few microns thick, that are deposited on tools and machine elements in a vast array of industries. In the areas of machining and tooling PVD coating are widely used to increase the life and productivity of production tools and therefore reducing manufacturing costs. 

But how it works? All material to be coated is enclosed in a vacuum chamber. This chamber is then gently heated to a specific temperature. Deposition material such as titanium target is vaporized by means of an electric arc. The highly charged titanium ions are mixed with nitrogen gas and form plasma. This positively charged titanium plasma is attracted to the negatively charged part to be coated. Ion by Ion, the titanium bonds to the part, growing a thin, hard film on the surface. 

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