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Development trend of tantalum niobium alloy sputtering target

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Development trend of tantalum niobium alloy sputtering target

Tantalum niobium sputtering target has special corrosion resistant properties and good strength and ductility, thermal conductivity and processing performance, has more excellent properties in many other areas, so that the iron and steel, machinery, chemical, electronics especially in the traditional field of aviation and aerospace industry, computer and superconducting technology, biological medical and other high-tech fields has been widely used.

With the development of tantalum niobium sputtering target space is more and more widely in the field of high technology, the first is to expand the tantalum niobium capacitor to high field capacity; secondly, the hard alloy cutting tools, towards super hard, micro fine tip direction, the application market is expected in the future will maintain a steady upward trend; thirdly, tantalum and niobium in aerospace the industry, and can replace tantalum niobium base alloy and other special alloy will continue to steady development.

In recent years, the demand for special Nb steel has continued to grow, with the exception of developed countries, with demand for third world countries. Special superconducting materials will be widely used in magnet materials and high-tech computing technology. And is further expanding. The new application fields of tantalum niobium materials will be developed continuously. It can be expected that with the development of high technology, tantalumand niobium new materials will keep pace with the times and become more important


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