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Decorative Coating

Physical vapor deposition technology (PVD) has been used extensively for decorative purposes in numerous applications where scratch and wear resistance are important to ensure a perfect look for an extended period of time and intense use.

Decorative PVD coatings can be used in different appliance areas, for example: door  and window hardware (handle, locks), writing components, surgical equipment, furniture accessories, glass and ceramics objects, nautical accessories, mobile telephone accessories, illuminating engineering components, automotive components, fashion accessories, sports accessories, glasses and watch cases, kitchen accessories, flatware, costume jeweler

The advantages of decorative coating:
Longer life time
Many bright, metallic colours
Excellent scratch protection
Environmentally-friendly processes

Okai sputtering targets has a broad variety of sputtering targets and materials for the decorative coating industry, the manufacture processes include:
Vacuum Arc Remelting
Powder Metallurgy
Hot Isostatic Press (HIP)
Hot plasma spraying (HPS)
Cold plasma spraying (CPS)

Okai sputtering targets and arc cathodes for Wear Resistant Coating applications include:
Aluminum - Al, 99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%, 99.995%, 99.999%; rotatable target, planar target.
AZO - Aluminum doped Zinc Oxide, 99.95%; 98:2, wt%; rotatable target.
Chromium - Cr , 99.5%, 99.8%, 99.9%, 99.95%; rotatable target, planar target.
Hafnium - Hf, 99.95%; planar target.
Molybdenum - Mo, 99.95%; rotatable target, plannar target.
Titanium - Ti, CP Grade 2 (99.2%), CP Grade 1 (99.7%), 99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%, 99.995%, 99.999%; rotatable target, planar target.
Titanium Aluminium - TiAl, 99.7%; 25:75, 30:70, 33:67, 40:60, 50:50, 60:40, 67:33, 70:30, 75:25, 80:20, at%
Zirconium - Zr, R60702 (99.2%), 99.9%, 99.95%, 99.99%, 99.995%; rotatable target, planar target.
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