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Dc magnetron sputtering technology

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Dc magnetron sputtering technology

  The principle is: in the magnetron sputtering, due to electron motion by Lorentz force in the magnetic field, its trajectory bends and even generate the spiral movement, the movement path becomes longer, thus increasing the number of collisions with working gas molecules, the plasma density increases, thus the sputtering rate has been greatly improved, but also can in the sputtering voltage and lower air pressure, the tendency to reduce film pollution; on the other hand also improves the incident to the substrate surface atomic energy, which can improve the quality of the film to a great extent.

  At the same time, the electrons that have lost their energy after multiple collisions have become low-energy electrons, so that they do not overheat the substrate.Therefore, the magnetron sputtering method has the advantages of "high speed" and "low temperature".The shortcoming of this method is not insulation membrane preparation, and magnetic control electrode used in non-uniform magnetic field target material causes significant uneven etching, cause the target material utilization rate is low, generally only 20% to 20%.

  Dc magnetron sputtering technology effectively overcomes the weakness of cathode sputtering rate and electron to increase the temperature of substrate temperature, thus gaining rapid development and wide application.

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