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Classification of precious metal sputtering targets

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Classification of precious metal sputtering targets

What is precious metal sputtering target?

Wires and thin films of precious metals and their alloy sputtering targets made by refining, melting, forging, rolling, processing, or powder metallurgy processes, semiconductor devices, recording media, display devices, etc.. Au, Pt, Pd and Ag targets are used in integrated circuits and large-scale integrated circuits, and alloy targets such as CoCrPt, CoPt and CoPd are used for magnetic recording.

Classification of metal sputtering targets:

Light precious metal

It is a general term of silver, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium. The density is between 10 and 12g/cm3

Heavy metal

Collectively known as gold, osmium, iridium, and platinum, the density is between 19 and 22g/cm3.

Pure precious metal

It is a kind of precious metal elements, the mass fraction is 99.9%.

High-purity precious metal

Pure precious metal with a purity exceeding a certain technical standard. Its technical standards vary with the use of different fields, but also change with the development of technology.

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