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China Tungsten-titanium Sputter Targets Manufacturer

  • Tungsten Titanium
  • <100μm
  • Electronics & Semiconductor
Product Name99.99% WTi Alloy Tungsten Titanium sputtering target
MaterialTungsten Titanium(W Ti)
ColorSilver gray
Size1-8inch, as request
TechnicsMelting and casting technology, vacuum melting
UsedSemiconductor, PVD, CVD.

      High purity tungsten titanium alloy target composite target are generally used to produce various thin-film material by the method of magnetron sputtering. Ultrapure tungsten( 5N or 6 N),due to their high resistance, high temperature stability to the electron transfer,thus in the electronic industry, most of them are used as gate, connection and obstruction materials in the form of sputtering thin films. Tungsten-Titanium alloy sputtering target is generally used for the production of the transition metal layer of thin film type solar cells.


Widely used in coating processing industries:

a: architectural glass, car using glass, graphic display field.

b: electronic and semiconductor field.

c: decoration and mould field.   


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