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Applications of Molybdenum target

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Applications of Molybdenum target

Molybdenum target possesses high melting point, high strength, low thermal expansion coefficient, low resistivity and good thermal qualitative and low-temperature oxidation resistance, etc.therefore molybdenum target is mainly used in plasma sputtering industry. With the electric field, electron collided with the argon atom when fly to the substrate, then argon atoms and electrics were ionized .The electrics fly to the substrate while argon atoms accelerate to bomb the target, the neutral atoms  in the target deposit on the substrate and become the coating.

Baoji Oukai Sputtering Target can provide molybdenum target that made with molybdenum powder which purity is 99.95%. High quality products have been made after decades of procedures such as pressing, sintering, rolling, cutting and surface grinding. We also manufacture other metal sputtering targets used in glass coating,optical coating ,decoration and tool coating,electronics,smiconductor and solar cell industies.

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