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Application of sputtering target in LCD display

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Application of sputtering target in LCD display

  The display is working towards graphic and digital development, which is the most rapid development of liquid crystal display (LCD Liquid, crystal display), using thin film type liquid crystal display has the advantages of low power consumption, high brightness and fast reaction speed, become the focus of global display industry in recent years.

  The preparation of LCD on either the array substrate or color filter manufacturing, all rely on the sputtering film high uniformity and flatness, Baoji Oukai can supply a large number of high purity aluminum sputtering target display industry required (5N Al Target), the product is mainly used in the TFT panel of the electrode layer, the material is high the purity of 5N aluminum in the analysis and control of hot rolling material source precision, with special controls to ensure product quality; on the other hand, with the magnifying panel plant target size, the company also simultaneously enhance the bonding technology for the needs of customers, is the domestic TFT-LCD industry with large size sputtering target factory high market share.


  Electrode materials - Al (5N), Al, alloy, Cr, Ti, Mo, Cu

  Black matrix material - Cr

  Transparent electrode material - ITO (In2O3-SnO2)

  Mo, Cr - diffusion block material

  Dielectric materials - aluminium oxide and silicon oxide (Si+ gas reactive sputtering)

  Product features:

  Al sputtering target:

  In-House full process control

  Mastering high-purity materials

  All generation size production supply (G1~G10)

  City Station rate is high

  Mo sputtering target:

  Special metallized joint interface with high joint strength.

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