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Application of high purity sputtering target in mobile chip

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Application of high purity sputtering target in mobile chip

  Where does the chip in the phone come from? This cake like metal material, called high purity sputtering target, is the key material in the manufacture of semiconductor chips. At present, there are only three countries in the world, and four companies have mastered the manufacturing process of this material.

  The core of these metal targets is their purity. The average metal purity is 99.8 %, and the metal purity required for the chip is 99.999%. Because of high purity, nail gently stroke will have scratches, any minor flaws will lead to the a value of tens of thousands of dollars target scrap.

  Chip is the core of the intelligent equipment control system in the future. Without the target material produced in our country, the chip can not be created. The metal atoms of metal targets are built on one layer to the chip, and then they are cut into metal wires by special process, and all information of the chip is transmitted by these metal wires.

  At present, high purity titanium Chinese production, product performance has reached the United States and Japan, to fully meet the purity of chip manufacturing need, don't break us in the field of heteronomy, the strategy of metal materials monopoly.

  In October, 2005, China realized the first block Chinese manufacturing target successfully developed, every 500 kilograms of production does not seem much, but our products in this area is almost 0, to fill the gaps in Chinese sputtering process. At that time, China not only sputtering target technology is blank, and even the production of target materials high-purity metal raw materials should also rely on imports.

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