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Application of PVD coating in medicine

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Application of PVD coating in medicine

  Since the late 1980s,physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes have entered the field of medical devices.PVD technology is widely used in medical equipment on the deposition of wear-resistant film, including orthopedic implants, electronic pacemakers, surgical instruments, dental appliances and oral devices. The value of PVD technology is that it can modify the surface properties of its equipment without changing the base material familiarity and biomechanical functions.

  PVD coating can greatly improve the hardness and adhesion of medical devices.The advantages of PVD coating are the following:

  a.Improve wear resistance

  b.reduce friction

  c.biological compatibility


  e.Chemical barrier


  The biocompatibility of film layer is a precondition for its application to medical equipment.The biocompatibility of film layers is a series of testing certifications performed by independent medical test laboratories.

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