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Application fields of sputtering target

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Application fields of sputtering target

  The sputtering target is mainly used in electronic and information industry, such as integrated circuit, liquid crystal display, information storage, laser memory, electronic control devices; It can also be applied to the field of glass coating and high temperature resistant materials, corrosion resistance, high grade decoration products and other industries.

  Information storage industry: with the continuous development of IT industry, the demand for recording media in the world is more and more big, and the research and production of target media for recording media has become a hot spot. In the information storage industry, the related films produced by sputtering target include hard disk, magnetic head, CD and so on. The manufacture of these data storage products requires the use of high quality targets with special crystalline and specific components. Cobalt, chromium, carbon, nickel, iron, precious metals, rare metals, dielectric materials, etc. are commonly used.

  The integrated circuit industry: integrated circuit with the target in a greater share of global target market, the main products include sputtering film, electrode interconnect barrier layer thin film, thin film, optical contact mask, capacitor electrode film, thin film resistor etc.. Among them, film resistor is the most used component in the film hybrid integrated circuit, and the amount of Ni - Cr alloy in the target material of the resistive film is very large.

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