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About target binding for backplane

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About target binding for backplane

Target binding for backplane couldn't make target deform, and the atoms  which sputtered from  target can be rapidly and uniformly adhered on the substrate to form a high-quality film layer.

I. The definition of target binding

Target binding refers to the welding of the target with the back target. There are three main methods: crimping, brazing and conductive adhesive.

1.Crimping: using layering in order to improve the quality of contact, will increase the graphite paper, Pb or In leather.

2.Brazing: In the case of soft solder, the sputtering power is less than 20w/㎡.and the solder usually uses In, Sn, In-Sn.

3.Conductive adhesive: conductive adhesive will be resistance high temperature, and the thickness is 0.02-0.05 microns.

II.  The choice of back target

1.Requirements for materials: Generally using oxygen free copper and molybdenum target. the      thickness is about 3 mm.

2.Good conductivity:Generally using oxygen free copper,The thermal conductivity of oxygen free copper is better than red copper.

3.Enough strength: back target is so thin that it can distort, and it is difficult to vacuum seal.

4.Requirements for structure: hollow or solid structure.

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