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About Aluminum target

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 About Aluminum target

  Aluminum target is a kind of sputtering target which uses in vacuum coating industry.It has special size and shape. Aluminum target is installed on vacuum coating machine and sputtered into film.


  Aluminum target is suitable for DC diode sputtering,ion beam sputtering, magnetron sputtering and plating for reflective film, conductive film and semiconductor film, capacitor film, decorative film, protective film, integrated circuit, display,etc..The price of aluminum target is lower than other targets, so the aluminum target is the preferred target material in meeting the function of the film.


  The aluminum target consists planar aluminum target and a rotating aluminum target.

  The planar aluminum target is sheet, round, square shape,etc..

  The rotating aluminum target is tubular and has high utilization efficiency, but it is difficult to process. The final product of aluminum rotating target material can be finished by the process of extrusion, stretching, straightening, heat treatment and machining of high purity aluminum.

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