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A way to prepare niobium sputtering target

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A way to prepare niobium sputtering target

Niobium sputtering target is an important raw material for preparing film material. In optics, electronics, information and other high-end industries is widely used, such as ships, chemicals, liquid crystal displays (LCD), industrial glass, camera lens, integrated circuits, information storage, solar energy and heat resistant coating industries and other high conductivity. 

With constantly updated and supplemented sputtering equipment to target increasing demand and quality requirements, in order to obtain a uniform film thickness and faster sputtering rate, requiring niobium target with high purity, uniform fine grains and strong type texture and other quality standards.The passage mainly introduces a new methods for preparing niobium sputtering target.

The new method relates to five steps:  

(1) extruding a niobium ingot with the diameter of 300-330mm to be a niobium rod with the diameter of 100-150mm at the temperature of 900-1100 DEG C, and controlling the extrusion ratio to be more than 7; 

(2) after heating the niobium rod to be 500-700 DEG C for homeothermy, and upsetting and reshaping the niobium rod to be a plate blank by an air hammer, wherein controlling the processing rate of the previous two times of upsettingto be more than or equal to 30%; 

(3) carrying out intermediate annealing on the plate blank with the annealing temperature of 900-1100 DEG C and the heat preservation time of 1-2h; 

(4) after annealing, rolling the plate blank, and controlling the single processing rate of the previous two times of upsetting to be more than 35% and the subsequent rolling processing rate to be more than 20%; 

(5)the finished rolling after annealing at a temperature of 850 ~ 950 ℃, holding time 1-1.5h.

The way adopts high temperature extrusion with high processing rate, so as to lead the niobium rod to have dynamic recrystallization when in the extruding process and ensure the crystalline grains to be fully ground, so that the difference between the sizes of the crystalline grains at the core part and the edge of a cast ingot can be reduced, the orientation of the crystalline grains can be ensured to be consistent, and more than 70% type texture can be obtained.

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